RE-CRE8 (Community Engagement)

Re-Cre8 is a community engagement program designed to gather people together from local areas for social & recreational purposes. The Re-Cre8 program has several aspects to its overall structure in order to engage a broader range of clientele.

The first component is


Humanity Services uses sports as a medium to engage disengaged at-risk young people. Through this medium we are able to create a consistent place where young people can gather in a safe and non-judgemental environment while building long lasting relationships with one another.

Humanity Services has found that by using sport as a medium it creates an environment for the team to build rapport with the young people and bypass any barriers that the young person may have developed.

Sports is also a positive outlet as it gives an alternate to negative behaviours such as hanging around in the streets, engaging in crime and substance abuse. Through this platform we are also able to refer young people into additional support services to help them overcome any issues that they may face on a daily basis.

The second component is

Creative Arts.

Humanity Services uses this medium of artistic expression to encourage creativity as it has proven to be therapeutic while giving the participants the opportunity to develop new skills and strengthen existing skills in a fun and expressive way.

Our Creative Arts program is made up of music, dance, poetry, filmmaking, photography & creative drawing/painting.

The third component is

Community Events.

Humanity Services uses this medium to create a platform for our participants to showcase, collaborate and participate in community events hosted by Humanity Services.

This is achieved by having the participant’s art showcased at community events, artists performing & collaborating with each other and participating in sports competitions.

These events will enable participants to build confidence through performing, public speaking and/or project managing.